Case Study | ColliderWgtn


The Project

ColliderWgtn is an activation and events programme held within a bustling and vibrant tech hub in Wellington, New Zealand. The ColliderWgtn mission is to help transform Wellington into an innovation capital and an internationally recognised smart capital by supporting the Wellington technology, design and innovative business community. Transnational Innovations’ ecosystem partners O/TG led the strategy, establishment and delivery of the tech hub and programme.

The Challenge

Wellington City Council had a strategic aim to strengthen Wellington as a globally significant technology precinct and reinforce the city as home to New Zealand’s premier technology industries. They required a solution that would support, connect and grow technology based companies, education providers, funding organisations and entrepreneurs and serve as the front door to the Wellington innovation ecosystem. 

The Solution

A bespoke solution was developed for the Wellington City Council. The ColliderWgtn programme was developed as a partnership with the council and delivered from a bustling and vibrant tech hub which provided a physical home for hundreds of companies. 

ColliderWgtn supports the Wellington innovative, creative, tech and digital community by connecting, inspiring and engaging the ecosystem through a programme of additive events, learning and networking opportunities - all while guiding and amplifying the great work already being done in the city. ColliderWgtn events focus on delivering and teaching the skills that startups and small businesses need to grow. It does so with a collective approach to learning by involving more experienced community members as trusted hands who have ‘been there done that.’

The ColliderWgtn program also provides a showcase opportunity for Wellington which can be more easily capitalised for visiting investors, experts and innovation leaders, as well as a point of inspiration for the local business community.

The Outcome

In the first two years the ColliderWgtn programme provided the impetus for 10,000 attendees to converge on one location to learn, share and connect. Some found a more permanent home within the activated environment of the tech hub; others have taken the skills and learnings they gained at ColliderWgtn away with them, making ColliderWgtn a city-wide catalyst for business growth. This educational ripple-effect has been cemented by ColliderWgtn’s use of the existing skill sets present in the wider community. 

In addition to being self-supporting, this activated innovation and technology community helps its members grow capable and talented workforces, providing opportunities for business growth and job creation while drawing new businesses into the ecosystem. The tech hub grew 145% between year one and two, and companies working from the tech hub grew their teams by 31% and their business turnovers by 82% - tangibly demonstrating business growth and job creation.